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Pre-Health Advising

About The Program

The Pre-Health Professions Program at Fordham College at Rose Hill assists students in all majors who are interested in pursuing a health-related career by providing them with focused academic and career advising, advice on gaining research, clinical, and volunteer experience, as well as specialized extracurricular and residential options. Fordham has a long history of preparing students for medical, dental, veterinary, and other health-professional careers.  Fordham graduates have gained acceptance to study at numerous medical schools, including Harvard, Yale, Cornell, Columbia, Jefferson, New York University, Albert Einstein, New York Medical College, Brown, Creighton, Johns Hopkins, Georgetown, George Washington, Loyola University, Northwestern, St. Louis University, Tufts, Tulane, all of the SUNY medical schools, as well as many osteopathic schools of medicine. Students have also gained admission to many top tier schools of dentistry, optometry, podiatry, and veterinary medicine.


Students who hope to attend a health professional school after graduating from Fordham benefit from early and frequent advising.  The competition to gain acceptance to these programs (medical, dental, veterinary, and optometry) is quite high and future applicants need to become knowledgeable of the factors that will contribute to a successful application. Most pre-health freshmen begin their science coursework with chemistry and biology, regardless of their specific interest.  Even the strongest pre-health students require advising from their freshman year to be successful with a health professional school application. 

Students who are participants in Fordham’s pre-health professions program receive both individual and group advising from the pre-health program advisor during their freshman through senior years.  Freshman pre-health students are enrolled in Pre-Health Symposium so that they have weekly access to the Pre-Health Advisor.  Group advising sessions are class specific (freshman, sophomore, junior) and are scheduled to help students plan for significant upcoming events, such as taking the MCAT.  Students are also encouraged to meet individually with the pre-health program advisor to discuss their progress in attaining acceptance into a health-professional program.

Pre-health Symposium

The Freshman Pre-Health Symposium is a one-credit course offered in the first semester of freshman year.  In this course, students read widely about diverse issues facing the medical professions.  They also explore ways to engage fully in the academic and extracurricular life of the university.  In addition, they work in small groups to discuss challenges common to first-year students in pre-professional programs and propose ways to meet such challenges.  First-year students in this symposium work with peer mentors and participate in the student pre-health organization meetings (The Laennec Society).  

Clinical and Volunteer Experience

Fordham’s location in New York offers numerous opportunities for students to participate in volunteer programs, obtain physician shadowing experience, work in numerous nearby hospitals, and gain experience through summer internships.  Many students gain clinical experience at St. Barnabas Hospital, located within walking distance of the campus.  Fordham students are actively involved in outreach to the local community and volunteer their time tutoring children from the nearby schools in the Bronx, providing peer mentoring to high school children on health related issues, and serving at local soup kitchens.  

Science Integrated Learning Communities

Two Science Integrated Learning Communities (SILC) are available to science majors and pre-health program students.  The community located in Alumni Court South is strictly for first-year students.  Residents of that community occupy two wings of a freshman dorm and receive support and peer mentoring from the science-major Resident Assistants and peer tutors living on the floor.  SILC brings together those students who are enrolled in science courses and want to quickly find a support network among their peers.  Residents engage in science-related activities and participate in events focused on concerns of first-year science students.  The O’Hare Hall SILC community is available to sophomores, juniors, and seniors who are pursuing science majors or are in the pre-health program. 

Typical Program Activities Offered to SILC Residents

  • Individual and group tutoring
  • Review Sessions before exams
  • Trip to The Bodies exhibit
  • Outing to the Bronx Zoo or the New York Botanical Garden
  • Community Outreach Activities
  • Trip to the American Museum of Natural History
  • Presentations or group discussion led by a Fordham faculty member
  • Advice and Information session from current pre-health profession applicants
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