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Pre-Law Advising

Program Overview

Now more than ever, whether to attend law school is a difficult decision—jobs are scarce and tuition is high. Nonetheless, law is a career that is right for many, and the Fordham College at Rose Hill Pre-Law Advising Program seeks to help current students and alumni navigate this decision through one-on-one advising. The primary goals of the advising program are to ensure our students and graduates have developed a full and meaningful understanding of the practice of law, and they are fully prepared to gain admission to our nation's best law schools. The Fordham College at Rose Hill pre-law advisor, Erin M. Burke, J.D., works with current students and graduates on the following areas:

  • LSAT Preparation
  • Application Strategies
  • The Personal Statement
  • Work and Internship Experience
  • School Selection

In addition to one-on-one advising, the pre-law advising program includes several programs for full-time undergraduates, including on-campus practice LSATs, alumni mentoring, and the Pre-Law Symposium—a one credit, pass/fail course offered in the Fall semester, composed of several guest speakers in various fields of law. Notable speakers have included:

  • Jack Ford, on Legal News Analysis Careers
  • Honorable Judge Robert Holdman, Ret. and Judge John Wilson, on Perspectives from the Bench
  • TREPP Industries CEO Annemarie DiCola, on reinventing a law career in a tough economy
  • John Cahill, Counsel at Chadbourne & Parke, LLP, on Environmental Law
  • ...and many more on the areas of Criminal Prosecution, Commercial Real Estate, International Business, and Patent Law

The pre-law advising program is not a major. Students aspiring to enter the legal profession must excel academically and pursue a well-rounded undergraduate education. The American Bar Association views a broad liberal arts curriculum as the preferred preparation for law school, and does not recommend any undergraduate majors or courses to prepare for a legal education. Indeed, students are admitted to law school from every academic discipline.


Erin M. Burke, J.D. is the Director of Pre-Law Advising, as well as the Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Research at Fordham College. Ms. Burke is a former practicing securities litigation attorney, as well as an alumna of both Fordham Law School and Fordham College at Rose Hill, where she graduated summa cum laude.

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