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Assistant Academic Adviser
Carla Lide

Carla Lide, Assistant Academic Advisor, Office of Academic Advising for Student-Athletes

Carla Lide joined the Office of Academic Advising for Student-Athletes as an intern in 2011 where she assisted first year student-athletes. Carla Lide returned to the advisory team in November 2012 as an Assistant Academic Adviser.

Lide attended Concordia College in Bronxville NY and received her B.A. in Behavioral Science; during her time there she founded and led the Concordia College Dance Team. In 2009 she interned at The NFL as a research assistant in Player Development. Lide graduated from Springfield College in 2011 where she earned her M.Ed. in Psychology with a concentration in Athletic Counseling; while completing her degree, she taught Introduction to Psychology as a Graduate Assistant and served as an Ameri Corps member for two years.

Lide is a New York City native, born in Manhattan & raised in the Bronx; she graduated High School from The Academy of Mount Saint Ursula in 2005 in which she currently coaches the Girls Cheer Team.

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