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Associate Academic Adviser
Eric J. Sanders

Eric J. Sanders, Associate Academic Adviser, Office of Academic Advising for Student-Athletes

Eric Sanders joined the advising staff in Fall 1998. His current responsibilities include advising of Football, Softball, and all upperclass at-risk student-athletes. Eric has been a FCRH Freshman and Sophomore advisor since 2008, and also taught English in the School of Professional and Continuing Studies from 2002-2010.

Sanders has worked with Division I student-athletes since 1985, beginning as an undergraduate student tutor at Syracuse University. After completing his B.S. in Psychology from Syracuse University, and his M.S. and C.A.G.S. in Athletic Counseling from Springfield College, Eric has held several academic counseling positions.

At the University of Kentucky, Sanders became the first Career Development Coordinator for the Athletic Department. He initiated Shadowing, Mentoring, and Internship Programs, published and distributed a Senior Resume Book, coordinated internship opportunities, while serving as an academic advisor to Freshmen student-athletes.

Returning to Syracuse, Sanders again launched a Career Development Program serving all student-athletes and advised four squads. Additionally, while completing coursework for the Ph.D. in Counselor Education, he assisted in the development and instruction of EDP 100, an orientation class for student-athletes with his advisor. At the University of Montana, Sanders was the Director of the Athletic Academic Support.

Sanders has been a professional member of N4A since 1990, serving as the Region I Student-Athlete Recognition Committee representative from 2000-2005. He and his wife Robin, along with son Joshua David and daughter Emily Rachel, reside in Ardsley, N.Y.

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