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Alpha House

Alpha House Alpha House was built in 1864 from stone quarried in the woods of Rose Hill; indeed, the building was partly an experiment to test the suitability of the stone for future campus construction. The small granite structure originally stood at the entrance on Fordham Road near the train tracks and served as a gatehouse for the original manor. The building was moved to its present site, near Loyola Hall, in 1924 and served as the first college bookstore. In 1958, it became the permanent site for the College Honors Program. 

All Honors students receive a key to Alpha House and may use the facility on a 24-hour basis. In addition to the upstairs seminar room and coffee area, the basement lounge is equipped with web-wired computers for research and writing, wireless access, and a comfortable décor periodically updated by students and faculty. The seminar room is a fully-equipped "smart-classroom" with projection screen for the computer and video equipment, along with audio components and sound system. These facilities enrich classroom time as well as facilitating extracurricular events and activities. Alpha House is a beloved home for each group of students that settles in for four years.

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