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The Fordham College Honors Program

Honors Program Alpha Symbol on Door of Alpha House When their thesis has been defended and their final year draws to a close, Honors Seniors will have a genuine sense of accomplishment. They have been given extraordinary opportunities to learn about the story of the human experience and their place in it. They have formed bonds of friendship with their peers and teachers that will last a lifetime. They have received a truly unique education in the Jesuit tradition with the rich spiritual and intellectual heritage that tradition bestows.

And yet Honors graduates receive more than a degree. As they collect their diplomas on Commencement Day, they can be sure that their lives will be richer because of the experiences they have had. The great distinction of the Fordham College Honors Program is that it attempts to lead each of its members to this moment of promise.

About the Honors Program

Since its founding in 1950, the Fordham College at Rose Hill Honors Program has provided students of exceptional academic talent and intellectual curiosity with the opportunity to pursue their core studies in greater depth, breadth and intensity. Drawn from every major, Honors students routinely go on to attend the most respected graduate and professional schools and to excel in their chosen fields.

What unites the members of the program is their active approach to learning and their desire to go beyond compartmentalized knowledge to an understanding of the whole. Because Honors students delight in the spirited interchange of ideas, most classes in the Program are small seminars of 12 to 14 students, an ideal setting for in-depth discussion and debate. Within the tight-knit community of the Honors Program, students work closely with Fordham’s most distinguished faculty and engage in an alternative core curriculum that fulfills almost all of Fordham’s core requirements. In the process, Honors students become lifelong personal friends with a diverse group of individuals as intellectually alive as themselves.

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