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Policies and Procedures

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Entrance into the Program

Fordham Honors students first apply to Fordham College at Rose Hill; upon review of their application materials by the Honors director and a committee of Honors faculty, they are invited to join the program. There are also opportunities to join the Honors Program after the first semester of freshman year, and at the beginning of sophomore year as well. These opportunities are available for freshmen who express deep interest in the Honors Program and who display exemplary academic performance in their classes.

Students who are interested in the Honors Program should contact for more information.

Foreign Language

Honors Program students fulfill the general Fordham College language requirement. AP placement may exempt students from this requirement. It is suggested that plans to study abroad include an attempt to learn the language of the country of study, if possible, before you go.

Other Fordham College Requirements

Honors students are not required to take any of the other Fordham College core curriculum requirements (besides foreign language). Students are required to fulfill their major requirements as outlined by the respective academic department.

Advanced Placement Credit

AP credit is used routinely to place out of Honors Mathematics and Honors Science I and/or II. Students must have earned a 4 or 5 on the AP exams in question.

Grade Point Average

Honors Students receive the special designation, in cursu honorum ('in a course of honors'), on their diplomas. This is in addition to any other honors earned, such as cum laude, magna cum laude, and summa cum laude. In order to graduate in cursu honorum, a student must have a GPA around 3.5 at the end of senior year. It is rare that honors students do not maintain this GPA, though it does occasionally happen.

Study Abroad

Honors Students often wish to study abroad for all or part of Junior Year, and this is perfectly fine. To fulfill one or both of the Junior Honors course requirements, there are two possibilities: (a) the student takes a comparable course while abroad, approved by the Honors Director, or (b) the student takes the Junior Year Honors courses upon return in Senior Year.

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