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International Education

International education transforms students on many levels. It prepares them for successful careers in a global economy, teaches them to navigate new cultures, and gives them new perspectives on themselves and their career ambitions. It also presents unique opportunities for scholarship and research. We seek support for:

  • Study abroad fellowships to make international study accessible to all students who demonstrate the intellectual and personal potential.
  • An endowment for the International Political Economy program to expand this rapidly growing interdisciplinary major, which prepares students for a variety of international careers.
  • Courses to meet students' growing interest in non-Western languages, such as Chinese, Arabic, Russian and Japanese.

Dean's Academic Fund for Humanities and Service
This fund helps the dean of the college facilitate intellectual inquiry, creative growth and service to humanity among the students at Rose Hill. Gifts to this fund will support:

Undergraduate research
To support the dean's goal of developing a culture of research on campus, this fund will enable undergraduates to deliver papers at professional conferences, conduct field research and pursue other endeavors that help them gain admission to the best graduate schools.

The dean will promote the performing and visual arts by supporting concerts, performances, exhibitions and music instruction, as well as facilities projects.

Core curriculum
The fund will enhance instruction and foster the creation of new courses by expanding the work of the Center for Teaching Excellence.

Pre-Law advising
The fund's uses will include a pre-law symposium and advisory program, which will increase our students' already high rate of acceptance to law school and prepare them for successful careers.

Human service Support
Human service activities, such as Global Outreach programs in developing countries and mentoring programs that match Fordham students with disadvantaged youth, is vital to the University's mission.

The dean will develop lecture series for visiting faculty and world leaders, and will develop symposiums that bring the best scholars to campus.

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