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Science Education

To accommodate surging interest in the sciences and help our students prepare for distinguished careers in a variety of scientific fields, the college seeks funding for:

Science facilities and equipment
We will enhance our laboratories for biology, chemistry, physics and engineering, and make improvements to the Louis Calder Center Biological Field Station in Armonk, N.Y. We will invest in advanced technology and scientific instruments, and bring new resources to the study of computer science and astronomy, one of the most popular science subjects among non-science majors.

Pre-Health Education
To build on our strong record of preparing students for medical school and other health-related professional programs, we will create professorships, undergraduate research fellowships, an endowment for the Undergraduate Science Research Symposium and an annual fund that supports pre-health education in a variety of ways.

Endowed Professorships and Research Funds for New Science Faculty
Endowed professorships will attract exceptional science professors who secure large research grants and raise the profile of the college. Research funds for new faculty will also help the college attract academic stars.

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