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Research Projects

Many students choose to get involved in research by working on faculty-initiated research projects.  Faculty-initiated research projects are those that are proposed by a faculty member, which typically means that the faculty member has decided on a research topic and, most likely, a methodology.  The student usually contributes to the project through literature review and data collection.  Many faculty-initiated research projects are carried out in groups, so students may have the opportunity to interact with other undergraduates and possibly graduate or post-doctoral students.  Sometimes, after working in the research group, advanced undergraduate students are able to conduct their own research projects in collaboration with their faculty member.  Additionally, many students working on faculty-initiated research projects are included on conference presentations and publications.

Below, and on the following pages, are some of the on-going faculty-initiated research projects to which FCRH students have contributed.  

Wireless Sensor Data Mining Project (WISDM)

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