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WIreless Sensor Data Mining

WISDM Lab's Android app, Actitracker, hopes to provide users with detailed information about their daily activities to help them make conscious decisions to living a better life

The WISDM Lab works with sensor data collected from smart phones and other mobile devices by mining the data for useful knowledge. The main focus of the group at the moment is collecting information from the phone's accelerometer and GPS sensors but in the future, this will expand to also include audio sensors (microphones), image sensors (cameras), and a variety of other sensors that reside on these devices.

Thus far, the research team has been successful with accelerometer-based activity recognition and biometric identification. The activity recognition work allows us to recognize a variety of user activities (walking, jogging, sitting, etc.) based on the user's movements, and our biometrics research similarly allows us to identify a user if we have have a prior record of their accelerometer data. We are currently developing on a downloadable cell phone app called Actitracker that will let a user track their physical activities, which can be used to ensure that they are sufficiently active to provide for good health. We have also been pursuing other channels of research including visitor analytics, gait analysis and activity analysis of animals.

Together the group represents a variety of Fordham schools including FCRH, FCLC, and GSAS. The team, led by Dr. Gary Weiss (Lab Director) from Fordham's Computer & Information Science Department, has recently moved into a new lab in JMH308C and is preparing for the upcoming launch of several of its Android applications.

If you are interested in more information or joining the WISDM Lab, please contact Dr. Weiss or feel free to visit the WISDM Lab's website by clicking on the image below:

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