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Volume 1, Spring 2011

"Matteo Ricci Seminar Makes Great Strides in Inaugural Year"
Margaret Palazzolo, FCRH 2013

"Dr. Naison Enlists Help of Undergrads in Recording Bronx African American History"
Aaron Dowdell, FCRH 2012

"Honors Program Fosters Community of Research at Rose Hill"
Margaret Palazzolo, FCRH 2013

"'Print, Publics, and Culture': The Fall 2010 American Studies Thesis Presentations"
Daniela Hess, FCRH 2011

Mussolini, Romano. My Father, II Duce: A Memoir by Mussolini's Son. Carlsbad, CA: Kales Press (Distributed by W.W. Norton), 2006.
Sarah Sullivan, FCRH 2012

A Review of "An Ethical Market in Human Organs," by Charles A. Erin and John Harris, and A Proposed Solution to the Current Organ Shortage
Rachel Rattenni, FCRH 2014

Writing Women's Mythology: The Poetry of Eavan Boland and Louise Erdrich
Colleen Taylor, FCRH 2012

"The Burgos Tapestry: Medieval Theatre and Visual Experience"
Nathalie Rochel, FCRH 2011

"Attitudes Towards Immigration Reform in the United States: The Importance of Neighborhoods"
Noelle Makhoul, FCRH 2012

"The Spontaneous Formation of Selenium Nanoparticles on Gallic Acid Assemblies and their Antioxidant Properties"
Stacey Barnaby, FCRH 2011

"A Power Beyond the Reach of Any Magic": Mythology in Harry PotterDaniella Rizza, FCRH 2011

"A Canyon Apart: Immigration Politics and Ethnic Identity in Arizona"
Peter Morrissey, FCRH 2011

"Energy of Electrons in a Nanowire Subject to Spin-orbit Interaction"
Ryan Brennan, FCRH 2011

"NMR Determination of Enantiomeric Composition of Chiral Alcohols Using Camphorsulfonate Esters"
Steven Bondi, FCRH 2011

"Mobile Sensor Data Mining"
Jeff Lockhard, FCRH 2013

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