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Volume 2, Spring 2012

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Table of Contents, Letter from the Editors, and Staff Listing
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"Preoccupied Main Street"
Leena Mancheril, FCRH 2014

"Fordham's First Rooftop Garden"
Elain Park, FCRH 2014

"3000-year-old animal bones from Iran"
Michael Rametta, FCRH 2013

"WISDM Creates Android App to Track Couch Potatoes"
Xavier Griffiths, FCRH 2014

"Spotlight: Modern Languages at Fordham," Professor Valfredini

"Spotlight: Modern Languages at Fordham," Professor Schreier

"Maybe It Was Too Much to Expect in Those Days': The Changing Lifestyles of Bernard's First Female Students"
Jennifer Prevete, FCRH 2012

"Visual Forms, Visceral Themes: Understanding Bodies, Pail, and Torture in Renaissance Art"
Helena Guzik, FCRH 2012

"Fabrication and Execution: The Lycambids and their Iambic Aptitude"
William Bruckel, FCRH 2011

"Gendered Classrooms and Gendered Attire: Doing Gender on a College Campus"
Jeffrey Lockhart, FCRH 2013

Research Mentor Award

"Interaction of Particle Beams with One-Dimensional Potential Barriers"
Sheehan Ahmed, FCRH 2011

"Synthesis and Characterization of Mono- and Di-O-Alkylated Derivatives of Methyl 3,5-Dihydroxyl Benzoate"
Michele Paccagnini, FCRH 2012

"Tending the Flowers, Cultivating Community: Gardening on New York City Public Housing Sites"
Lauren Sepanski, FCRH 2012

"Algebraic Detection of Flexibility of Polyhedral Structures with Applications to Robotics and Chemistry"
Stephen Fox, FCRH 2011

"Fabrication of CdS Nanoparticle Coated Jasmonate Conjugates and their Interactions with Mammalian Cells"
Nazmul Sarker, FCRH 2013

The Right Kind of Revolution: Modernization, Development, and U.S. Foreign Policy from the Cold War to the Present
Michael E. Latham, Reviewed by Margaret Dunbar, FCRH 2014

Specters of Paul: Sexual Difference in Early Christian Thought
Benjamin H. Dunning, Reviewed by Andrew Steffan, FCRH 2013

"Synchronizing real and predicted synthetic video imagery for localization of a robot to a 3D environment"; "Locating and tracking objects by efficient comparison of real and predicted synthetic video imagery"
DM Lyons, S Chaudhry, and P Benjamin, Reviewed by Lilia Nikolova, FCLC 2014

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