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FURJ Articles

Volume 3, Spring 2013

"Directive Effects of Aromatic Nitration Based upon Differing Experimental Conditions"
Kelsey Topa, FCRH '14

"Attraction and Education: Whether Intellectual Indicators of Future Success Make Men More Attractive to Women in a Period of Mating Optimism"
Jordan Davidson, FCRH '13

"'The Right to Bare Arms' Implications of Feminist-Humanitarian Justifications for War"
Rebecca M. Lindner, FCRH '13

"Computational Studies of sl(2) Conformal Blocks"
Zachery Wills, FCLC '14

"Reclaiming a Cultural Identity: Ghanaian Hip-Life and the Bronx"
Stephen Erdman, FCRH

Book Review: "Design of Cities"
Bacon, Edmund, Reviewed by Malcolm James Edgerton, FCLC '13

"Probing the Formation of Ferulic Acid Derived Nanoconjugates as Building Blocks for Antioxidant Applications"
Princess U. Chukwuneke, FCRH '15

"Making Midtown"
Brandon Pietras, FCLC '12

Book Review: "Sacred Dread"
Moore, Brenna, Reviewed by Caitlin Ramiro, FCRH 14

"'She wept for him' Sympathy and Male Power in Sense and Sensibility"
Rachael A. Prensner, FCRH '14

"Yoshitomo Nara and Child as Hero"
Isabella Bustamante, FCLC '12

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