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Volume 4, Spring 2014

Book Review: "Alphabet"
Christensen, Inger, Reviewed by John Caruso, FCRH 16'

"The College Diet: Poor Eating Habits with a Side of Denial"
Victoria Mulhern, FCRH '16

"Codicological Research on the Venerable Bede's De Natura Rerum"
Amy Rose Gembara, FCRH '14

"A Leader and His Legacy: Hugo Chavez and the Fate of the Latin American Left"
Emily Horihan, FCRH '14

"Introverts vs. Extroverts: Can Personalities Be Altered?"
Victoria Mulhern, FCRH '16

"In Her Own Image?: Inclusive Language and Jewish Liturgy in the Italian Renaissance"
Emilie Amar-Zifkin, FCLC '13

"The Myth of Multitasking"
Leena Mancheril, FCRH '14

"The Politics of Protectionism and Parmesan Cheese: Evaluating Geographical Indication Protection Levels in the World Trade Organization"
Thomas Merante, FCRH '14

Book Review: "Proof of Heaven"
Alexander, Eben, Reviewed by John Caruso, FCRH '16

"Sherlock's Newest Case Study Should Be His Brain"
Leena Mancheril, FCRH '14

"Effects of Diel Cycle on Observed Behavior and Abundance of the Souther Stingray, Dasyatis americana"
Kate Sutter, FCRH '15

Student Profiles: Undergraduate Research at Fordham

"The Effect of Transitional Programs on Scholastic and Daily Living Skills in Children With Autism Spectrum Disorders"
Francesco V. Nasso, FCLC '12

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