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Submission Guidelines

Guidelines for Preparation of Symposium Abstracts
In order to participate in the Undergraduate Research Symposium, all students must submit an abstract, or summary of their work, at the time of their application.  Please heed the following guidelines when preparing your abstract:
  • Abstracts should not exceed 250 words (not including title, authors, department).
  • The abstract should clearly state the argument, summarize the evidence that supports the argument, and describe the significance of the work.  (NOTE:  Science students should make certain that the abstracts describe the background, purpose, and major outcomes of the project undertaken).
  • The faculty member under whose supervision the work was produced should be listed as an author. 
Please click here for an example of an abstract in the sciences, here for an example in the social sciences, and here for an example in the humanities.  Note that all abstracts will be published online and in hard copy.

If you have any questions regarding your abstract, please contact your faculty mentor or Dean Burke.

NOTE:  Students interested in giving an artistic or musical performance, or showing artwork should contact prior to submitting an abstract.

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Guidelines for Submission of Symposium Abstracts

All abstracts must be submitted through the Symposium submission form
If you encounter problems using the form, please contact

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Guidelines for Faculty Recommendations

All applications to the Undergraduate Research Symposium must be accompanied by a brief statement of support from the student's faculty mentor.  The faculty mentor should state that he/she has been supervising the student's work and that he/she is confident that the student's work will be ready to present by the Symposium date.  Faculty recommendations should be emailed to with "Faculty Recommendation for [Student's full name]" in the subject line.  Faculty mentors should contact Dean Burke with any questions.

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