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Fordham School of Professional and Continuing Studies offers its students a wide variety of rigorous academic programs geared toward the interests and needs of the adult learner.

The College’s central offering is a bachelor of arts or a bachelor of science degree. The listing of majors and minors include business, psychology, communications, English, economics, social work and education. In conjunction with undergraduate study, there are Bachelor’s/Master’s academic programs that allow students to move on to graduate school while simultaneously completing their undergraduate degrees.

In addition to these degree options, a wide range of certificate programs are also available to PCS undergraduates, and to non-degree or post-baccalaureate students hoping to enter graduate school or advance their careers.

Class Size
Giving students the opportunity to express their ideas and to hear the opinions of others is a hallmark of the Fordham experience. For this reason, PCS classes are small in size, providing the opportunity for active group discussion and personal attention.

Class Schedule
The schedule and format of courses are designed with the busy adult student in mind. Traditional fifteen week courses meet once a week, at night, for three hours per session. There are also two types of intensive courses: “mid-range intensives” that meet for five hours every other Saturday or Sunday throughout the semester, and “full-on intensives” that meet for eight and a half hours per session over two weekends. PCS students are also able to study from home by taking advantage of the College’s online courses.

School of Professional and Continuing Studies draws students from across the tri-state region, and because geographic convenience is a key element in an adult learner’s success, PCS students are allowed to take courses at any of Fordham’s three campuses:

The Westchester campus, in West Harrison, just off Route 287, near the Hutchinson River Parkway and Route 684

The 90-acre Rose Hill campus, adjacent to the New York Botanical Garden in the Northern Bronx

The Lincoln Center campus,
in Manhattan, at 60th Street and Columbus Avenue.

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