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Refund of Institutional Charges

Fordham Post-Baccalaureate
Pre-Medical/Pre-Health Program

Refund of Institutional Charges

The following refund policies are based on 100-percent payment of all institutional charges for the enrollment period.
The refund period begins on the first day of the enrollment period.

Institutional Refund Policy (Tuition)

Date of Withdrawal Due Fordham Refund
Prior to start of term 0% 100%
Prior to second week of term**   15%                  
Prior to third week of term 30% 70%
Prior to fourth week of term 45% 55%
Prior to fifth week of term 60% 40%
Prior to sixth week of term 75% 25%
Thereafter 100% 0%

**The add/drop period for each school within the University is approximately 7 days into the term.
During this period changes in course work is permitted with no tuition penalty.
However, if a student withdraws from the University during the add/drop period, the tuition liability will be calculated based on the above table.


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