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English Course Requirements

English Course Requirements

The English major is designed to build an inclusive knowledge of literature, to develop skills required for the critical interpretation of texts and to teach the principles of critical and creative writing.

The English major consists of 9 courses:
  • Junior Theory: All majors are required to take "Theory for English Majors" (ENGL 3045) or "Theories of Comparative Literature" (COLI 3000). These courses introduce the English major to debates in literary and critical theory. The goal of these courses is to reflect on reading strategies, textual practices and language itself. Students will engage with a range of critical, theoretical and social issues shaping the field of literary studies today.
  • Historical Distribution: From the nine remaining elective courses, at least three must be designated in a historical period before 1800. While the English curriculum grants students considerable freedom to pursue their individual interests, the department urges majors to consult regularly with their advisers in selecting their electives, in order to ensure historical diversity in their course of study.
  • Creative Writing Courses: English majors may apply up to two writing courses (either English creative-writing courses at the 3000-level or above, or communication courses cross-listed with English) toward their elective requirements. Majors who wish to take more writing courses should consider the creative writing option or the creative writing minor.

The critical thinking and writing skills required by the program prepare students for a variety of career paths. English majors often go on to do graduate work at Fordham or other prestigious universities, or to pursue careers in communications, editing, law, management, teaching and writing.

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