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Organizational Leadership Course Requirements

Organizational Leadership Course Requirements

Students who are planning to major in organizational leadership must first complete: Basic Microeconomics (ECON 1200), Introductory Sociology (SOCI 1100) and Foundations of Psychology (PSYC 1200). It is also strongly recommended that students in this major develop computer literacy by taking Computer Applications (CSEU 1250) or Info and Web Programming (CSEU 2350).

The organizational leadership major consists of 9 courses:
    • ORGL 2000-Theories of Leadership
    • One communications course selected from: COMM 2501-Effective Speaking CMBU 2665-Business Communications
    • One social research course selected from: SSCI 2650-Research Methods SSCI 2606-Statistics for Social Scientists SOCI 2850-Methods of Social Research Or any other statistics course offered (e.g. PSYC 2000-Statistics or ECON 2140-Statistics I)
    • Two business courses selected from: MGBU 3223-Principles of Management BLBU 2334-Legal Framework of Business FNBU 3221-Financial Management ACBU 2222-Financial Accounting ACBU 2223-Management Accounting
Three courses (one course from each group):
  • Group I
    PSYC 3300-Industrial/Org. Psych
    PSYC 2600-Social Psych
    ORGL 2900-Entrepreneurship
    ORGL 2500-Org. Behavior: Change and Leadership
  • Group II
    COMM 3501-Public Relations
    ORGL 2300-Issues Human Resources Management
    ORGL 2600-Mediation, Negotiation, ADR
    SOCI 3221-Work/Business in Society
    SOCI 3150-Sociology of Work
    SSCI 4665 Career Management, with an optional internship
  • Group III
    SSCI 3806-Interpersonal Behavior/Group Process
    COMM 2702-Interpersonal Communication
    ORGL 2600-Mediation, Negotiation, ADR
    ORGL 2700-Organizational Communication
    COMM 2701-Persuasion/Attitude Change
  • One Senior-Level Capstone Course
    RGL 4000-Leadership Concepts and Cases

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