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From:      John Harrington, Dean of the Arts and Sciences Faculty

CC:        Nancy Busch, Dean of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
               Isabelle Frank, Dean of the School for Professional and Continuing Studies
               Robert Grimes,SJ, Dean of Fordham College at Lincoln Center

               Michael Latham, Dean of Fordham College at Rose Hill


Date:       4/25/13

Re:         Move to Online Students’ Evaluation of Educational Quality (SEEQ) Surveys

I am delighted to write that we can now begin the move to online delivery of the same Students Evaluation of Educational Quality (SEEQ) course evaluation surveys that we currently use.  Instead of the current SEEQ survey process that involves the manual processing of over 1800 packets of SEEQ survey forms, the new system can be completed in the same way in class and will provide you with immediate results through your Fordham log-in portal. The strength of the current process is that survey response rates exceed 80-85%, and our task now is to equal that response rate with the improved tool.


The scanner and the software that are used for the manual evaluation system are no longer supported.  In light of this, three years ago my office, along with four other units of the University (Business, Education, Social Service, and Religion and Religious Education) began to investigate alternative solutions.  The final choice was the product named eXplorance, which was customized with our SEEQ survey last fall and utilized in pilot evaluations at the end of last semester.  This electronic version of SEEQ uses the same questions, but it will also return to you all qualitative comments from students.  In the future, we will have the option to introduce many additional features such as custom questions or midterm reports.


Having completed tests, we are now able to launch the full system in spring 2013.  In order to maintain our high response rate, the process should mimic as closely as possible the current process.  The electronic surveys must be completed in the classroom like the paper surveys.  The department Chairs and I will be able to address electronic problems unrepresentative response rates.  But the electronic version must be conducted in the classroom in order to succeed.  The following pages outline ways to present the survey to students and what students and faculty will see in it.  For electronic instructions and resources for the online SEEQ process click here.


My office and the department offices are committed to maintaining the standards of the SEEQ process. We will be seeking your input over the course of the next several semesters on how the new online system can best serve you, the faculty, as well as our students.



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