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Overview of the Tutorial

  • The tutorial consists of 8 chapters.
  • In the first chapter, you will be asked six questions as a preliminary assessment of your knowledge of basic research skills and academic integrity. In the final chapter, you will be asked 10 post-assessment questions to evaluate your progress. You will have only one chance to get these questions correct.
  • The heart of the tutorial consists of the six chapters in the middle. You will meet students who are writing papers, working on laboratory experiments and collaborating on a group project. Each group faces research and ethical issues. Over the course of each chapter, you will be asked to answer a number of questions applicable to the students’ situations. For these questions, you will have up to three attempts to get a correct answer. If you miss the first attempt you will be given a second chance to get the question correct.
    For most questions, if you get the answer wrong a second time, you will be given an opportunity to review the relevant section of the tutorial and a third and final opportunity to correctly answer the question.
  • Give each question serious thought. If you work at a dedicated pace, this tutorial should take you approximately one hour to complete.
  • The deadline for completing the Tutorial for 2013-2014 is Friday, October 4, 2013.

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