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Academic Integrity Committee Membership



Chair: Rosemary Cooney
Chair Campus Location: Keating Hall 201
Chair Email:

Committee Member Status Department or Major
Rosemary Cooney Administrator (2014-15) Sociology
Daniel Ott Faculty (2013-14) Art History and Music
Olena Nikolayendo Faculty (2013-14) Political Science
Anthony Russo Student (Class of 2016) History
Kelsey Christie Student (Class of 2015) Chemistry
Dana Miller Faculty (2014-15) Philosophy
Christine Breiner Faculty (2014-15) Mathematics
Julian Wong  Student (Class of 2015)  Engineering Physics
Grant Bolles  Student (Class of 2016)  Potentially Economics


Chair: Robert Moniot
Chair Campus Location: Lowenstein Center 821
Chair Email:

Committee Member Status Department or Major
Robert Moniot Administrator (2014-15) Computer and Information Sciences
John Andrew Foster Faculty (2013-14) Classics
Ayala Fader Faculty (2014-15) Anthropology
Chris Cullen Faculty (2014-15) Philosopphy
Fred Marotto Faculty (2014-15) Mathematics
Neilab Rahimzada Student (Class of 2016)  Political Science
Casey Grittner Student (Class of 2017)  International Studies
Alexander McCauley Student (Class of 2017)  Mathematics/Economics
Devon Badolato Student (Class of 2016)  Anthropology


Chair: John Bach
Chair Campus Location: Lowenstien Center 301
Chair Email:

Committee Member Status Department or Major
John Bach Administrator (2013-14) PCS Assistant Dean
Howard Krukofsky Faculty History
John Tobin Faculty Economics
Jim Whelan Faculty Organizational Leadership
Ana Brito Student Undecided
Michele Cruz Student Psychology
John Richards Student Legal & Policy Studies
Gene Fein Faculty History
John Houston Faculty History
Tom Kaczororwski Student Computer Systems: Management Applications


Chair: Steven Najdzionek
Chair Campus Location: Hughes Hall 414
Chair Email:

Committee Member Status Department or Major
Steven Najdzionek Administrator(2014-15) Assistant Dean,Advisor to Transfer Students
Larry King Faculty (2012-13) Marketing
Barbara Porco Faculty (2012-13) Accounting & Taxation
Connie Cacace Student (Class of 2015) Business Administration
Thomas Roemer Student (Class of 2016) Business Adminstration

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