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1 Course Enrollment

1.1 Registration

Continuing students register on line via My.Fordham.Edu for Fall Semester courses during the Spring Term, and for Spring Semester courses during the Fall Term. Incoming freshmen and transfer students are registered during the summer. Students with schedule problems should contact their class dean’s office. 

1.2 Class Lists 

The Faculty Tab of My.Fordham.Edu provides accurate, real-time class information on students enrolled in your course (see Information Technology Resources for Teaching 7.3.5 for more detail). 

Required Reporting: There are 4 reports which are required for all instructional staff. These reports must be filled out via your my.fordham account. Academic Records will contact you via your Fordham email with instructions when these reports are coming up. The reports and tentative dates are noted below: 

1. Initial Student Attendance (identified as Last Date of Attendance on my.fordham) - the week following the end of add/drop (check the Academic Calendar for due date of Round 1 Last Date of Attendance); 
2. Midterm Grades for Freshmen and Danger of Failing for Other Students (identified as Midterm Grades on my.fordham) - the week following midterm week (check the Academic Calendar for due date of mid-semester evaluations) ; 
3. Late Semester Student Attendance (identified as Last Date of Attendance on my.fordham) - the 8th or 9th week of classes(check the Academic Calendar for due date of Round 2 Last Date of Attendance); 
4. Final Course Grades (identified as Final Grades on my.fordham) - begins the week of final exams extending for fall grades through the University opening day in the spring semester and for spring grades through commencement day in spring semester (check the Academic Calendar for these events).

Any student attending your course whose name is not on the attendance report should immediately contact their class dean to formalize their enrollment in the course. The student will not receive credit for the course unless their names are on the official course list.

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