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Growing Research at Fordham!
March 6, 2013 with:

Janis Barry - Economics
How where you live in America
affects the health care you receive

Qin Gao - Social Service
How where you were born in China 
affects your future no matter where you live

Laura Gonzalez and Yuliya Komarova - Finance & Business Economics
How social on-line lending is breaking down barriers for borrowers on the global "Main Street"

2:30-4:00 - Lincoln Center 12th Floor Lounge 


Students and faculty/staff in attendance will receive their choice of books on one of the following

• I’m Gonna Get Mine (interdisciplinary text related to the topic of this panel)
• Surviving & Succeeding in Academia
• Conducting, teaching, and mentoring interdisciplinary scholarship
• Writing and publishing your scholarship
• Working well, working together, and working within the Jesuit tradition

All faculty who attend any of AY2012-13’s Growing Research at Fordham! panels will be invited
this Spring to apply for one award of $1,000 that will be made in support of an interdisciplinary
research agenda. The past winners of this grant are:

• Jefferey Flynn (2011-2012) to augment the activities of the FCRH-Mellon funded Interdisciplinary
Seminar on Humanism and the parallel development of his book-in-progress, “Saving the World:
Humanitarianism, Morality and Contemporary Practice”
• J. Alan Clarke (2010-2011), to support collaborative law and policy component stemming from his
ecological research to preserve the Little Blue Penguin
• Johanna Francis (2009-2010) to support the behavioral science aspects of her economic research
into housing price effects on individual entrepreneurship


February 27, 2013 with:

Beth Knobel - Communication & Media Studies
on how shorter, faster and opinion-laced news
threatens our democracy

Costas Panogopoulos - Political Science
on the socio-psychological foundations of our voting behavior

Thierry Rigogne - History
on the Parisian cafe as the paradigm for disruptive
social, media and political innovation

Kristen Turner - Curriculum & Teaching
on whether "digital writing" is affecting our
ability to think critically




November 28, 2012 with:

Deborah Denno - Law
The use, and failure to use
behavioral genetics as evidence at trial

Olena Nikolayenko - Political Science
The unexamined origins of hate crimes

Edgar Tyson - Social Service
How police profile the hip-hop community,
and how hip-hop profiles police




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