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Growing Research at Fordham: 2010-2011 Event Materials

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March 29, 2011
Growing Research at Fordham DAY & NIGHT!
An Interdisciplinary Exploration of Faculty Publications & Funded Scholarship, including the naming of Fordham's 
1st Annual Funded-Research Scholars!
February 9, 2011
Are the Kids Alright?
Delivery to Daycare, State & Society, Parenting & Policy
November 17, 2010
NYC:Diverse Perspectives
See the City that Surrounds Us as Never Before!
October 6, 2010
What are they, Who has them, and Why do they Exist?

October 6 2010:
Rights!  What are they, Who has them, and Why do they Exist?

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Michael Baur (Philosophy / Law) posits that rights are relational but not relativistic, and that their violation is therefore intrinsically wrong (audio);

Charles Camosy (Theology), drawing from his experience alongside doctors in neo-natal ICUs, questions not whether a cost-benefit approach to rights should be adopted, but whether admitting its unavoidability will enable society to violate rights in a more moral manner (audio);

W. David Myers (History) drags these debates through the 17th century trial of a woman accused of infanticide that echoes contemporary debate over due process for the war on terror's non-enemy combatants. (audio)

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November 17, 2010
NYC: Diverse Perspectives

Troy Tassier (Economics) explained how our city's skyline took shape at the start of the 20th century (slides);

Paul Kantor (Political Science) provided a comparative perspective on the urban-suburban political landscape that continues to shape our metropolis through the convergence of interests--despite a fragmented governmental infrastructure (slides);

Daniel Soyer (History) demonstrated how and why the Liberal Party lost its luster in that landscape during the latter half of the 20th century when it divorced itself from such interests--primarily, the populace and the principles it had pledged to serve (slides);

Maureen O'Connell (Theology) advocated for art projects created by, for and in in inner city communities--following Philadelphia's model--as a grassroots means by which "the people" can pick up the Liberal Party's mantle of promoting social justice and vibrant neighborhoods (images);

J. Alan Clark (Biological Sciences) reminded us that these human concerns do not exist within a vacuum: the city that now surrounds us sprang up within and continues to constitute part of the natural world--a world we share with other, non-human inhabitants that remind us to ask "in what kind of city do we wish to live?" (slides).

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February 9, 2011:
Are the Kids Alright?

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Laura Sosinsky (Psychology) pexplores how mothers choose childcare before and after the birth of their child (slides);

Charles Camosy (Theology), examines how treatment decisions are made in neo-natal ICUs (see the book);

Matthew Weinshenker (Sociology) delves into the reasons for and results from fathers engaging--or failing to engage--their offspring. (slides)

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