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Growing Research DAY & NIGHT March 29, 2011!

Growing Research DAY & NIGHT at Fordham March 29th!

Click Here for INSIDE FORDHAM coverage of Fordham's "1st Annual Funded-Research Scholars". 

10:00 AM - 11:30AM
Meet the Editors: 
The Cambridge History of the American Novel

Fordham's own, Leonard Cassuto, joins co-editors Clare Virginia Eby (UConn) and Benjamin Reiss (Emory) to discuss their innovative use of technology to not only assemble an international roster of renowned scholars, but enable those scholars' essays to actually dialogue with one another in this highly original addition to Cambridge's illustrious catalogue of publications! 
11:30AM - 12:45PM
Bring Your Lunch & Take a Tour:
Fordham Faculty Books to the Sound of Live Jazz

Today the Law School Atrium and McNally Amphitheatre will be transformed with table displays and large screen projections featuring the faculty book publications that Fordham President Father McShane honored in his September 2010 President's Letter.  Stop by anytime 10am - 8pm, but come between 11:30 and 12:45 to enjoy the accompaniment of jazz guitarist Luke Franco in the Amphitheatre as you take your own "book tour" of Fordham faculty!  Click to take virtual tour (alpha by author)
12:45PM - 2:15PM 
The Great American Novel:
A Quarter Millennium in the Making

On the advent of Cambridge University Press releasing its ambitious history, a panel of Fordham Faculty - including the Cambridge text's General Editor, Leonard Cassuto - will explore the emergence and evolution of a literary phenomenon that swept the world to shape the ideals, aspirations and imagination of our times: from the American novel's 18th century New England beginnings to its newest incarnations in the multi-ethnic, multi-media culture of the US today!

2:30PM - 3:45PM
Crossing the Digital Divide:
Launching Digital Humanities at Fordham

A cross-disciplinary cross-section of faculty take you on a virtual tour of Fordham's Digital Humanities Projects that are on the cutting edge of collaboration and scholarship at our University, inviting you to explore with them the implications these initiatives have for how scholars in the humanities conduct research, engage colleagues in fields both inside and outside the humanities, and disseminate -not only information - but knowledge and wisdom to the next generation of citizens and scholars.
4:00PM - 5:00PM
1st Annual 
"Fordham's Funded-Research Scholars"
Awards Ceremony

For 3 Years now the Office of Research's ever-expanding series "Growing Research at Fordham!" has honored the faculty awarded Fordham funding for their research and presented a popular interdisciplinary panel series to feature just a few of the results from that scholarship.

Now it is time to turn our attention to those faculty whose scholarship has won outside fellowships and grants, bestowing the 1st annual awards for - not "Fordham-funded" Research - but Fordham's "Funded-Research" Scholars.  

We turned to you - Fordham's community of students, staff and faculty - to help us select those among us who will be honored at this event in each of three categories: 
• Humanities, 
• Sciences, 
• Social Sciences & Professions.

Thank you for making your own contribution to "Growing Research at Fordham!"

Click Here for INSIDE FORDHAM'S Feature on 
- the event; 
- this year's semi-finalists; 
- and those ultimately honored as 
  Fordham's Funded-Research Scholars 2011!

5:00PM - 6:00PM
Growing Research Reception:
Food, Live Jazz, 
Faculty Books & Clever Conversation

Whether you're:

⇒ coming out from our 1st Annual "Fordham's Funded 
    Research Scholars" awards ceremony (see above);

⇒ coming in for our 6PM event "Law at the Limit: 
    Torture, Privacy and Presidential Power" (see below);

⇒ or simply haven't yet had a chance to come to 
   the Law School Atrium outside McNally Amphitheatre
   to partake in today's display of featured faculty books;

we invite you to come early, stay late and linger long in the Fordham Law School Atrium and McNally Amphitheatre while you're serenaded by the Tristen Napoli Trio.

Click to take virtual tour of Fordham Faculty Books(alpha by author)
6:00PM - 8:00PM
Natural Law Colloquium:
Law at the Limit --
Torture, Privacy & Presidential Power

Fordham hosts two visiting scholars for this exciting event.

Gregory Fried is the Philosophy Chair at Suffolk University and son of Charles Fried, currently of Harvard Law School, formerly US Solicitor General, and co-author with the younger Fried of Because It Is Wrong - an unequivocal answer to their position on torture, but not on their position of whether to prosecute alleged torturers. 

On that topic their respective approaches remain as much on opposite sides of the river as their Universities are on opposite sides of the Charles!

Our second scholar similarly challenges both of the Fried's ironic position in support of particular Presidential incursions on the public's right to privacy. Jeffrey Rosen (George Washington University Law School) has been hailed as "the nation's most widely read and influential legal commentator" and is the author of The Naked Crowd: Reclaiming Security and Freedom in an Anxious Age

If you have never attended one of Fordham's Natural Law Colloquia, tonight is the night! 

CLE Credit available.

Reception to follow in the Law School Atrium.

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