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Growing Research DAY & NIGHT May 2, 2012!

3 Ways to Celebrate "Growing Research at Fordham!" 

1. Return to Bohemia: 
A Cultural Library-Café with food & live music

Over 100 faculty, staff and students dropped in to:

- Enjoy coffee, food & student-provided live music
- Browse displays and peruse copies of recent faculty books
- Take a tour of "Digital Humanities at Fordham"
- Find their future mentor or collaborator amongst Fordham's faculty

Click here to see more: Faculty PublicationsDigital Humanities
1PM - 4PM

2. The OpEd Project: 
Fostering Fordham's Future Public Intellectuals

Forged out of initial efforts at Stanford that have since spread to Yale, Princeton and now Fordham (read about it in Inside Fordham), Founder-Director Katie Orenstein of The Op-Ed Project presented an exciting workshop that provided: 

- Undergraduate Students Vision
- Graduate Students Tools
- Alumna/i and Staff Food for Thought &
- Faculty Further Techniques

in order to become a more informed consumer of - and contributor to - national fora for the public intellectual!
4PM - 6PM

...has everyone talking:

Join the Conversation!

3. Reception & Award Ceremony:
Fordham's 2012 "Funded-Research" Scholars! 

Read all about these awards and their recipients in
Inside Fordham!

It was a great day, highlighting the scholarship of 145 faculty:
- 74 book authors/editors
- 51 additional upcoming Faculty Fellows
- 12 "1st Year at Fordham" Faculty Research Grantees
-  9 faculty with externally funded research agendas that
      particularly resonated with the Fordham community!

It was also a great day because of everyone who came to these three events:
- 64 faculty members
- 93 students
- 26 staff

Thank you to all of you for everything you do to contribute to
"Growing Research at Fordham!"
6PM - 7:30PM

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