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Growing Research at Fordham: 2011-12 Event Materials

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October 26, 2011 ♦ Build a Better World with:

Olena Nikolayenko
through Non-Violent Youth Movements Toppling Dictators (slides)

Nicholas Tampio 
by exploring Islamic Scholars' & Western Politicians' Common Ground (slides)

John Davenport 
by replacing the UN Security Council (slides, handout)

Jeffey Flynn 
via Intercultural Dialogue to reach Global Consensus on Human Rights (abstract)

November 30, 2011 ♦ Create Community with:

Judith Kubicki
Can Art Create Community? (slides)

Micki McGee
Can a Created Community Foster Great Works of Art? (slides)

Rosemary Wakeman
Do Utopian Movements Dispel Dystopian Times? (slides)

Kirsten Swinth
How Can We "Care" in a Competitive Society? (slides)

READ ALL ABOUT IT in this Inside Fordham Feature!

February 15, 2012 ♦ Stewards of the Earth
READ ALL ABOUT IT in this Inside Fordham Feature!

J. Alan Clark
Saving the Little Blue Penguin (slides)

Karina Hogan
Ancient Scriptures Yield New Understandings (slides)

James Lewis
A Rare Look at a Rare Lab (slides)

Melissa Labonte
Civil Society after Civil War in Sierra Leone (slides)






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