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Our Next Event!

Growing Research at Fordham!

March 6, 2013 ♦ 2:30-4:00 ♦
Lincoln Center 12th Floor Lounge with professors:

Janis Barry - Economics
How where you live in America
affects the health care you receive

Qin Gao - Social Service
How where you were born in China 
affects your future no matter where you live

Laura Gonzalez and Yuliya Komarova - Finance & Business Economics
How social on-line lending is breaking down barriers for borrowers on the global "Main Street"


All faculty attendees will have opportunity to apply May 2013 for 
$1,000 Interdisciplinary Research award
(click here for details & to see past winners!)

PLUS check out these other aids to your interdisciplinary research 

- 12 faculty and 12 student attendees will win -
their choice of 1 of the following 5 book packages!
(each package approximately a $50 value)

CHOICE 1 from the theme of our panel:

The Development of Persistent Criminality
addresses one of society's most pressing questions by bridging the gap between current criminological literature's focus on simple trajectories and developmental psychology's focus on risk factors alone.  An international, interdisciplinary effort, this volume seeks to prevent the enormous human and economic costs associated with serious crime.  Expert authors' offer insights into families and parenting, poverty, stressful life events, social support, biology and genetics, foster care, educational programs for juvenile offenders, deterrence, and chronic offending among females, among other topics. (12 copies available for giveaway)

CHOICE 2: New This Year!

Surviving & Succeding in Academia
contains four titles from the sage to the sublime, the serious to the silly, selected to aid everyone from graduate students to senior faculty rise to the top of the ivory tower with integrity and without losing their ability to be caring, compassionate colleagues and educators.
- Promotion & Tenure Confidential
- The Tao of Pooh
- The Art of Worldly Wisdom
- Throwing the Elephant

 CHOICE 3: Last Year's Most Popular!

Working Well, 
Working Together 
& Working Within the Jesuit Tradition

contains two titles -- one from a business consultant interviewing neuroscientists on the most effective strategies for success at work and home, the other from bestselling Jesuit author Jim Martin -- that provide surprising insights into each other for a synergistic look into our selves!  Father Martin's book adds a spiritual dimension for readers of all faiths into the neuroscience-informed techniques of the first book, while the neuroscience of "Your Brain at Work" adds insight into the prescience of the Jesuit's 16th century founder and why "The Jesuit Guide to (Almost) Everything" works so well.


A Junior Faculty & Grad Student Favorite!

The Serious Scholar's Guide 
to Publishing Serious Books

contains two titles from William Germano, former editor-in-chief at Columbia University Press as well as VP and Publishing Director at Routledge, and presently dean of humanities and social sciences at Cooper Union.  Hailed as "indispensable", the director of Princeton University Press states of these texts that "budding and seasoned scholars alike, as well as their administators, will find [them] more than a writer's reference -- they will find a guide to the academic life."


 CHOICE 5: Our original offering!

Interdisciplinary Research:
Process and Theory
has now been received by over10% of Fordham faculty, who have shared it with one another and with their students, its use adopted in some graduate courses of study.  Originally published in 2008 and already in its 2nd edition, this book has been hailed as the only comprehensive and systematic presentation of the interdisciplinary research process and the theory that informs it, now expanded for a more complete consideration of how to integrate diverse perspectives, based on the most recent research on this burgeoning topic.

 $1,000 Interdisciplinary Research Award: details & past winners!

In May 2013 all faculty members who attended and signed in at any one of our AY2012-13 Growing Research events will be contacted via their Fordham email with instructions on how to submit a brief application for this award in support of an interdisciplinary research agenda.  There will be one awardee, who will be notified (along with all other applicants) by June 21.  The $1,000 in funding will be available for 12 months beginning July 1.
Past Winners:

2012 - Jeffrey Flynn (Philosophy)
to augment the activities of the FCRH-Mellon funded Interdisciplinary Seminar on Humanitarianism, which is also stimulus for and source of feedback regarding Dr. Flynn's book-in-progress, "Saving the World: Humanitarianism, Morality and Contemporary Practice."

2011 - J. Alan Clark (Biological Sciences) to support collaborative law and policy component stemming from his ecological research to preserve the Little Blue Penguin.

2010 - Johanna Francis (Economics) to support the behavioral science aspects of her economic research into housing price effects on individual entrepreneurship.

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