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Elaine Crane, PhD:
Scholar's Work Intersects Gender, Law, and Colonial-era Morality

Amy Roy, PhD:
Unraveling the Science of Temper Tantrums

Susanna McFadden, PhD:
Art Historian's Research Finds Subtle Messages in Contrasting Cultures

Gregory Waldrop, SJ:
University's Art Collection Takes Form

Aristotle Papanikolaou, PhD:
Theologian Unites Orthodoxy and Democracy

Aseel Sawalha, PhD:
Middle East Urbanism Meets East Coast Gentrification in Anthropologist's Work

Edward Cahill, PhD:
English Scholar Uncovers Real Story Behind the American Dream

Martin Di Grandi, PhD:
Chemistry Professor Tinkers with Molecules in Fights Against Disease

4 Faculty Receive Prestigious Noyce NSF Grant to Educate Math Teachers

Irma Watkins-Owens, PhD:
Fordham to Launch Burial Database Project of Enslaved African Americans

Joshua Brown, PhD:
Psychology Professor Plumbs Settings that Affect Adolescent Development

Grace Shen, PhD:
Researcher Unearths Role of Geologists in Modern Chinese History

Stephen Holler, PhD:
Whispering Gallery Detects and Sizes Smallest Virus

Gary Weiss, PhD:
Top 5 Things You Didn't Know About Your Smartphone

Orit Avishai, PhD:
Marriage Education Movement Defies Easy Labels, Scholar Finds

R. Bentley Anderson, SJ:
Historian Uncovers a Quiet Fight Against Racial Injustice

Beth Knobel, PhD:
Journalism's Role as "Fourth Estate" Gets Boost from Communications Professor

Prof. William Conlon:
Artist Reveals Unseen Spaces in his Works

Terrence Tilley, PhD:
Honored by Catholic Theological Society

Daniela Jopp, PhD:
Centenarian Study Investigates the Well-Being Paradox

Christiana Peppard, PhD:
Theology Professor Examines the Meanings of Water in a Global Economy

Olena Nikolayenko, PhD:
Professor Tracks Youth Activism in the Post-Communist Region

Hector Lindo-Fuentes, PhD:
Latin American Studies Professor Works to Rebuild El Salvador

Patricio Meneses, PhD:
Researcher Targets HPV Virus by Delving Deep Inside an Infected Cell

Nicholas Tampio, PhD:
Scholar Sees New Enlightenment in Islamic Awakening

Maureen Tilley, PhD:
Theology Professor Traces Church Boundaries Back to Ancient Africa

Lise Schreier, PhD:
Literature Professor Exhumes History of French Colonialism

Steven Stoll, PhD:
History Professor Asserts the Enduring Value of Agrarian Societies

David Budescu, PhD:
Psychology Professor's Research Aims to Perfect Predictions

Rachel Annunziato, PhD:
Psychologist Helps Transition Young Organ Transplant Patients

Through a Pilot Project, Fordham Cultivates its Public Intellectuals

Michael Peppard, PhD:
Theology Professor Seeks Deeper Understanding of Earliest Christians

Silvia Finnemann, PhD:
Want Better Vision?  Eat Grapes!

Gary Weiss, PhD:
Smartphone Data Reveal More Than You Think

Quamrul Haider, PhD:
Professor Discovers New Form of Nuclear Matter

Stephen Grimm, PhD:
Philosophy Professor Revives Big Questions in Epistemology

Literary Luminaries, Faculty & Students' Scholarly Collaboration for Covenant House Charity:
Literature and Social Justice Make a Home

George Drance, SJ:
Jesuit Uses Theatre to Reach Beyond Church Walls

Janet Sternberg, PhD:
Media Scholar Casts a Wary Eye on Technology

Multiple Faculty from Multiple Disciplines!
Fordham Finds Room for Digital Technology in the Humanities

Kevin M. Cahill, MD:
Physician Shares Good Fortune with the World's Poor

John J. Cecero, SJ:
Jesuit Examines Link Between Spirituality and Mental Health

Alexander van Tulleken, MD:
Humanitarian Affairs Institute Names New Helen Hamlyn Senior Fellow

Evon Hekkala, PhD:
Conservation Geneticist Uncovers Secrets of the Past

Donald D. Clark, PhD:
Chemistry Professor Revises Past Experiments with New Technology

Chris Rhomberg, PhD:
Urban Social and Labor Movements Form Basis of Professor's Research

Jocelyn Wogan-Browne, PhD:
Mullarkey Chair Considers Female Devotions &
Scholar Finds Rich Tract of Research in Women's Vernacular Writings
Prof. Richard Kalina:
Professor Taps Lifetime in Art to Teach, Inspire and Create

John Seitz, PhD:
Professor Looks at Parish Shutdowns and Attachment to Sacried Places

Evon Hekkala, PhD:
 Researcher Helps to Find Extinct Frog
New Croc Discovered by Fordham Biologist

Jo Anna Isaak, PhD:
 Professor Considers What Art Can Do in the World

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