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James Lothian, PhD:
Finance Chair Plumbs Data For Patterns in Banking, Currency Markets

Fordham and NYC Launch Partnership to Aid Entrepreneurs in Bronx

Sris Chatterjee, PhD:
Former Finance Chair Welcomes New Appointment

Meghann Drury, PhD:
Business Professor Promotes Effective Communication

Iftekhar Hasan, PhD:
New Corrigan Chair Quantifies Benefits of Diversity

John Finnerty, Phd:
Business Professor Explores Creative Finance

Through a Pilot Project, Fordham Cultivates its Public Intellectuals

Brent Horton, JD/LLM:
Economic Turmoil Provides Grist for Professor's Research

Analytics Conference Launches Center for Digital Transformation

Luke Kachersky, PhD:
Professor Strives to Make Marketing Work for Everyone

Christine Jansenn-Selvadurai, PhD:
Scholar Studies What Makes Women Entrepreneurs Tick

Michael Pirson, PhD:
Professor Stives to Make Business a Force for Good

Iftekhar Hassan, PhD:
Prolific Scholar is Corrigan Chair

Stanley Veliotis, PhD/JD:
Tax Professor Sleuths for Data to Make Compelling Arguments

Travis L. Russ, PhD:
Professor Seeks Best Ways to Communicate Organizational Change

Miguel Alzola, PhD:
Scholar Reimagines Role of Ethics in Business

Business & Social Service School collaboration:
Charity Executive Sees Nonprofits as Nation's Social Conscience

Dawn Lerman, PhD:
Professor Considers Why Häagen-Dazs Sounds as Good as it Tastes

W. "RP" Raghupathi, PhD:
Information Technology Professor Mines Data to Improve Healthcare

Sertan Kabadayi, PhD:
Business Professor Tracks New Marketing Techniques

Elizabeth Cosenza, JD:
Lawyer-Turned-Professor Focuses on Corporate Fraud

Robert Hurley, PhD:
Professor Says Trust Means More to Business Success

Frank Werner, PhD:
Calling on Businesses to Place Sustainability on Par with Profits

Lerzan Aksoy, PhD:
Scholar Studies Loyalty as a Key to Happiness

James RussellKelly, MBA:
CBA Students and Professor Make Strong Finishin Stock Picking Contest

Barbara Porco, PhD:
Fordham Professor Develops Ethical Tool Kit for  Business Students

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