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(Listed in reverse chronological order of feature story)

4 Faculty Receive Prestigious Noyce NSF Grant to Educate Math Teachers

Joseph Ponterotto, PhD:
Decrypting Bobby Fischer: Professor Brings to Light Darker Side of Genius

Rhonda Bondie, PhD:
Education Professor Takes Teaching Method to the Next Level

Vincent C. Alfonso, PhD:
Professor Promotes Early Childhood Education

Carlos McCray, EdD:
Education Professor Links Discipline with Achievement in Urban Schools

Kathleen M. Cashin, EdD:
Professor Works to Increase Support and Respect for Teachers

William B. Whitten II, PhD:
A New Way to Approach Homework Found to Be Efficient and Effective

Giselle B. Esquivel, Psy.D.:
Professor Gauges How Spirituality Influences Teaching

Mitchell Rabinowitz, PhD:
Professor Studies Differences Between Facts, Opinions & Beliefs

NSF Grant to Boost Science Teacher Training

Merle Keitel, PhD:
Professor Gives Voice to Parents of Anorexic Children

John Craven, PhD:
GSE Professor Promotes Effective Science Education to Schools

Kristen Turner, PhD:
Is txting killin Nglsh @skool?  No way sez Prof

Toby Tetenbaum, PhD:
Professor Teaches Business Leaders to Manage at the Edge of Chaos

Anthony Cancelli, PhD:
Psychology Behind Motivation Forms Basis for Education Professor's Work

Sheldon Marcus, EdD:
Professor Prepares Educational Leaders for Top Posts

Gerald Cattaro, EdD:
Revitalization of Catholic Schools Drives Professor's Work 

Fran Blumberg, PhD:
Education Professor Peels Back Myths of Video Game Learning

Kathleen King, PhD:
Education Professor Opens Doors to New Technologies

Johanna Uhry, PhD:
Roots of Language Comprehension Fuel Education Professor's Work

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