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(Listed in reverse chronological order of feature story)

Nicholas Johnson, JD:
Legal Scholar Parses Second Amendment Interpretations Through History

Ethan Leib, JD/PhD:
Relationships Big and Small Inform Law Professor's Research

Karen Greenberg, PhD:
Center's Director Seeks Balance of Security and Justice

Tanya Hernandez, JD:
Is the Grass Greener?  Professor Compares Civil Rights Around the Globe

Paolo Galizzi, JD/PhD:
Professor Urges Fight Against Climate Change

Michael M. Martin, JD:
University Names New Law Dean

Benjamin C. Zipursky, JD/PhD:
Legal Philosophy Scholar See Responsibility as Essence of Tort Law

Zephyr Teachout, JD:
Law Professor Fights to Bring Power to the People

John D. Feerick, LLB, LLD (honorary):
Poor and Disadvantaged Find Zealous Advocate 
in Former Law School Dean

Ian Weinstein, JD:
Clinical Law Professor Delves Deeper into Learning Methods

Paolo Galizzi, PhD:
Law Professor Links Human Rights, Development and Environmental Protection

Grainne de Burca, JD:
Law Professor Trains Eye on Evolution of International Governance

Martha Rayner, JD:
Law Professor Fights for Fair Treatment of Prisoners

Thomas H. Lee, JD:
Nineteenth-Century Rules of War Resonate Today

Bruce Green, JD:
Law Professor Helps Shape Ethical Boundaries

Sonia Katyal, JD:
Law Professor Plumbs Depths of Conflict between Property Protection and Free Speech

Amelia J. Uelman, PhD
Intersection of Law and Religion Informs Director's Research

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