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  INSIDE FORDHAM - Social Service
(Listed in reverse chronological order of feature story)

Carole Cox, PhD:
GSS Professor Reaches Out to Tanzanian Grandparents

Maddy Cunningham, DSW:
Professor Researches Secondhand Trauma in Social Work

Through a Pilot Project, Fordham Cultivates its Public Intellectuals

Meredith Hanson, DSW:
An Unlikely Doctorate Grows at Fordham

Edgar Tyson, PhD:
 Social Work Professor Taps into Hip-Hop for Healing

Amy Horowitz, PhD:
 Professor's Research: Not Driving Can Drive Elders to Despair

Social Service & Business School Collaboration:
 Charity Executive Sees Nonprofits as Nation's Social Conscience

Claudia Moreno, PhD:
 Professor Crafts HIV-Prevention Program for Latinas

Marciana Popescu, PhD:
 GSS Professor's Study Tour Gives Students
On-Site Disaster-Aid Experience

Peter B. Vaughan, PhD:
 GSS Dean Focuses on Society's Most Vulnerable

Manoj Pardasani, PhD:
 Professor Works to Design the Ultimate Senior Center

Elaine Congress, DSW:
Associate Dean Works to Advance Well Being of Immigrants

Tina Maschi, PhD:
Professor Charts Pathways to Male Delinquency with Eye on Intervention

Ellen Silber, PhD:
Professor Links Young Latinas to College Mentors

Qin Gao, PhD:
As Sleeping Giants Awake, Social Problems Loom

Brenda McGowan, DSW:
Newest Endowed Chair Works to Stabilize Child Welfare Staffing

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