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Faculty Fellowships


Faculty Fellowships

Faculty Fellowships (Summer Stipend, Fall / Spring at Full Salary, Academic Year at Half Salary) are awarded to tenured and non-tenured tenure track faculty in accordance with University Statute 4-05.10.

Fordham University's University Research Council considers the award of a Faculty Fellowship to be a form of University investment in a faculty member's future productivity, and therefore has an expectation that an awarded faculty member both (i) return to Fordham University at the conclusion of the Fellowship period; and (ii) acknowledge his/her receipt of a Fordham Faculty Fellowship in any outcomes that result (e.g., publication).

To apply for a Faculty Fellowship, please click on the following link:
Faculty Fellowship Application 2013

The deadline for submission of the application (including the two attachments) is midnight, Sunday, September 15, 2013.

Please note that you cannot save the application—it will be lost if you do not click submit. Please make sure that you review the application and have all of the information you need before beginning to complete it.

Application requires information such as:
• Name, contact information, academic status (school, rank, tenure status, etc.)
• Period of fellowship and terms of previous fellowships, applications and leaves.
• Title of project, external funding for the project (either received or in process).

Attachments (2 separate files)
Please upload only .doc, .docx, or .pdf format files; the size of an individual file cannot exceed 20MB.
• Curriculum Vitae
• Project Narrative

Please follow these guidelines in preparing your narrative:
LINK: Faculty Fellowships Narrative Guidelines
LINK: Writing the Effective Appeal

To prepare the strongest narrative possible, please consult our Library of Exemplary Narratives. Please note that the guidelines for Narratives are revised each year, so that these applications may not match the current guidelines: 
1. first fellowship pre-tenure
2. new or changed research agenda
3. "renewed" research agenda
4. longstanding research agenda of tenured faculty
5. journal article preparation
6. book - nascent
7. book - mid-development
8. book - completing uncontracted
9. book - with publication agreement or contract
10. external funding application to be prepared
11. complement to external funding (pending)
12. complement to external funding (received)
13. complement to extra-institutional collaboration
14. combination of publication and external funding
15. combination of scholarship and artistic production
16. combination of scholarship and popular press
17. combination of scholarship and public service
18. combination of scholarship and teaching
19. interdisciplinary project
20. project making bold, possibly challenged claims re:impact
21. application proposing multiple projects

FINALLY, PLEASE NOTE THAT all Faculty Fellows are expected to complete a Faculty Fellowship Summary Report regarding their progress and outcomes to date within 30 days of finishing their fellowship and to provide annual updates of outcomes.
LINK: Faculty Fellowship Summary Report

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