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Faculty Research Grants


Faculty Research Grants (FRG)

Faculty Research Grants are provided to tenured and tenure-track faculty in accord with  University Statutes.  

Applicants may apply for:

$6,500 toward expenses that will be incurred preparing an application for external support (use application and Budget Proposal Form);

$4,000 toward expenses that will be incurred preparing a scholarly publication only (use application and Budget Proposal Form);

$6,500 summer stipend to relieve from summer teaching responsibilities (use application only; Budget Proposal Form is not required).

The summer stipend is a pilot program with a very limited number of awards. In addition to the criteria applied to all faculty research grant applications, competitive applications for summer support will demonstrate extremely strong potential for achieving either subsequent external support (e.g., an application for a grant or fellowship that relies on the results of the project with a high expectation of funding, perhaps because it is a resubmission or invited application with an imminent deadline) or imminent publication of a major work (e.g., a book contract with a deadline within the year following the summer award). In other words, there should be evidence that without the summer support, the faculty member would miss a specific funding opportunity or a deadline for a specific prestigious publication. In addition, faculty with a record of summer teaching at Fordham will have priority; first-year faculty are not eligible. Acceptance of the award precludes teaching or other duties during the summer and requires 1. attendance at two seminars on applications for external funding and 2. mentoring for other faculty members by critiquing their external funding proposals.


FRG applications are considered and awarded in two cycles, one for "1st Year at Fordham" faculty only, and the second which is open to all tenured/tenure-track faculty. 

To apply for a Faculty Research Grant, please click on the appropriate link:

"1st Year at Fordham" faculty — October 1st
All tenured/tenure-track faculty — January 15th

Please note that you cannot save the application —it will be lost if you do not click submit. Please make sure that you review the application and have all of the information (including the three files described below) you need before beginning to complete it.

Application requires information such as:
• Name, contact information, academic status (school, rank, tenure status, etc.)
• Other funding supporting your research.
• Title of project, external funding for the project (either received or in process).

Attachments (3 separate files)
Please upload only .doc, .docx, or .pdf format files; the size of an individual file cannot exceed 20MB.
• Curriculum Vitae
• Funding Justification Narrative. Please follow these guidelines in preparing your
   narrative: FRG Narrative Guidelines
• Completed Budget Proposal Form (not required for summer stipend):
   FRG Budget Proposal Form

Examples of Previous Narratives

A library of narratives from projects that were funded is provided below to assist your application. Please note that the guidelines for narratives may be revised each year, so that these applications may not match the current guidelines:

1. first application from new faculty
2. new or changed research agenda
3. longstanding research agenda of tenured faculty
4. journal article preparation
5. book - nascent
6. book - mid-development
7. book - completing uncontracted
8. book - completing contracted
9. book - seeking subvention or print support
10. external funding application to be prepared
11. complement to external funding (received)
12. complement toextra-institutional collaboration
13. combination of publication and external funding
14. combination of scholarship and public service
15. combination of scholarship and teaching
16. interdisciplinary project
17. application proposing multiple projects
18. project making bold, possibly challenged claims re: impact
19. Summer FRG Narrative

Non-Allowable Expenses

  • This grant may not be used to compensate yourself or any other member of the Fordham Faculty or Staff .
  • Travel expenses does NOT include conference attendance generally
  • Computers and computer peripherals must be justified in the Funding Justification Narrative as directly necessary to this specific project and substantially different from what Fordham has already provided or would be expected to provide to faculty generally (if allowed, this will be a one-time purchase and will not be replaced by the University at any time in its life-cycle); this includes any manufactured "tool" the use of which does not make it unavailable for subsequent uses (i.e., it is not "used up" - items that are exhaustable are supplies and should be accounted for as such).
  • Equipment purchases of any kind must go through Procurement. Computer acquisitions (including leased computers, printers and other computer related hardware/software*) must be approved by IT Acquisitions. IT Acquisitions will process requisitions if they are in compliance with the University's computer procurement and maintenance policies and transmit approved requisitions to the Office of Procurement for distribution to vendor. It is University policy that all goods purchased by the University, regardless of funding source, must be shipped to and received by the University. However, it is permissible to reship goods to the requestor after being recorded as a Fordham University asset.
    *Please note that Fordham IT owns licensing for many of the most frequently requested software packages sought by researchers and makes their use available to Faculty and Staff upon request; please see the Fordham IT Supported Software for a list of supported and available software.

Post Award Procedures

In general, you should use the Fordham Purchasing and Accounts Payable systems for the expenses approved under your grant. This means that you will be submitting purchase orders or check requests accompanied by invoices. In particular, note that you may not pay an individual (such as a Research Assistant or an independent contractor) directly: you must submit paperwork to get them into the Fordham system before they start to work.


To familiarize yourself with university processes for expenditures, you should review the handbooks from Accounts and Human Resources (the Administrator's Manual), available by clicking "Guidance" on the Office of Sponsored Programs website: ( Your department secretary may be able to assist you with the process for the type of expenses you have.

All requests to use your grant funds must include:

• Hard copy memo including your name, FRG 20XX - 20XX (XX = appropriate years of funding), and a brief explanation of your expense making clear that it complies with your approved budget
• The appropriate Fordham Accounts Payable or HR paperwork, completed with everything except the budget numbers and authorizing signature
• Any required documentation attached as hard copy originals (e.g., receipts, invoices)

These materials should be sent to the following address:
Office of Research
Keating 222
Fordham University
441 E. Fordham Rd.
Bronx, NY 10458

LINK: Faculty Funding Management FAQs

Finally, please note that all FRG recipients are expected to submit an FRG Final Summary Report within one month of the completion of their FRG and to provide annual updates on outcomes:     
Faculty Research Grant Summary Report 2012-2013
Faculty Research Grant Summary Report 2013-2014
Faculty Research Grant Summary Update

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