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The University's Office of Research is responsible for the coordination and facilitation of the University's research policies and programs, as well as promoting research activities across the University's academic units and among faculty and students. We champion research collaboration with other institutions - such as our partners in the Bronx Science Consortium, the New York Botanical Garden, the Wildlife Conservation Society/Bronx Zoo, Albert Einstein College of Medicine and Montefiore Medical Center - and Fordham's own international research centers and institutes.

The Office of Research oversees the work of several research units, including the: 

•  Chief Research Officer 
    (Faculty Fellowships, Faculty Research Grants and
     Faculty Research Expense Program)

•  Office of Sponsored Programs 
    (Development, Review and Submission of External
     Funding Proposals)

•  Institutional Review Board 
    (Ensuring standards are met for conducting
     research with human subjects)

In addition to these units, we also assist in the coordination of the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee and the Radiation Safety Program, as well as serve as the primary academic affairs liaison to the University Research Council.

The email for the Office of Research is Below is contact information for the research units. Please be in touch if we can be of assistance in any way.

Nancy A. Busch, Ph.D.
Associate Vice President/Chief Research Officer
Dean, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, and 
Professor of Psychology

Office of the Associate Vice President
Chief Research Officer
Fordham University
Keating Hall, Room 222
441 E Fordham Road
Bronx, NY 10458



Office Contacts:


Nancy A. Busch, Ph.D.
Associate Vice President/
Chief Research Officer
718.817.4400 (p)
718.817.4474 (f)
On Leave Through 12/31/14

Acting CRO:
Amy Tuininga, Ph.D.

Damian Lyons, Ph.D.
Chair, University Research Council
718.817.4485 (p)
718.817.4488 (f)

Edward Dubrovsky, Ph.D.
Chair, Radiation Safety Committee
718.817.3660 (p)
718.817.3645 (f)

Kris Wolff, M.A., C.R.A.
Director, Office of Sponsored Programs
718.817.4086 (p)
718.817.5575 (f)

Michele Kuchera, M.B.A.
Institutional Review Board
718.817.0876 (p)

Grace Vernon, Ph.D.
Research Integrity Officer
718.817.3014 (p)
718.817.3005 (f)

Berish Rubin, Ph.D.
Chair, Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee
718.817.3637 (p)
718.817.2792 (f)




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