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The Communication and Media Management area and Center for Communications has sponsored:

-- 4th Annual Television Academy Seminar at Fordham Universitiy, featuring Bill Moyers of PBS, Sept. 25, on the occasion of his lifetime Emmy from the Academy.
This is an annual joint project with the National Television Academy and has previously featured the entire cast of Sixty Minutes, Tom Brokaw , Dan Rather and others.

-- Communications Greats Series launched with "A Conversation with Walter Cronkite ," conducted by Larkin Professor Everette Dennis, Oct. 12; other major figures in the communications field will also be featured on an occasional basis. Some 240 people attended the Cronkite event, including students and faculty from Columbia, NYU, Rutgers, Long Island University and other institutions as well as people from Fordham's College at 60 Program at Lincoln Center;

-- Media Industry Seminar Series --now in its 9th year, the series features leading scholars and authors of major work on media industries and communication. Planned for this year are:
* Jeffrey Cole , founder of the UCLA Internet Study, now at the Annenberg School, University of Southern California, with a discussion of "Internet Use 2006." Cole is one of the world's leading authorities on Internet use and its impact on other media;
* Neal Gabler , film scholar and author of Disney (Knopf, 2006) who will talk about
"Walt Disney, Dreammaker and Business Leader."

In recent years, speakers have included Ken Auletta, The New Yorker; Seth Mnooken, author of a new book on the New York Times; Paul Starr, Princeton University sociologist and author of the Emergence of the Media ; and Pablo Bozkowski, MIT, author of Internet Newspapers. Ev Dennis coordinated the series with the assistance of Profs. Napoli and Carey .

-- Fordham-National Television Academy Fellowship Program is being launched this year and involves weekend seminars for television managers and executives, conducted by Fordham faculty and industry leaders. Father McShane has provided leadership for this program along with Peter Price, president of the National Television Academy; Professor Philip Napoli directs this effort.

-- Business News Media Speakers --Several members of the business news media have appeared at Fordham over the last year including the executive editor of BusinessWeek, Joyce Barnathan ; the managing editor of the Wall Street Journal , Paul Steiger , Marshall Loeb , former editor of Fortune and now with CBS MarketWatch, others from Bloomberg Media, Forbes, Associated Press, etc.

MS/MBA in Media Management Promotion Campaign
--In 2005-06 and continuing this year we have an advertising effort raise the profile of the MS/MBA program in media management with potential students. A brochure was designed and distributed and ads were placed in major trade publications and other media such as Broadcasting & Cable , Columbia Journalism Review , MultiChannel News , the New York Observer and others. Funds were raised to cover these costs. Profs. Dennis , John Carey , Sharon Livesey and Philip Napoli worked together in this effort.

Participation in the Annenberg Commission on Freedom of the Press --At the request of the Annenberg Foundation at Sunnylands, Professors John Carey and Ev Dennis served as members of the Annenberg Commission which produced a major volume on Freedom of the Press (Oxford, 2005). Prof. Carey authored one of the chapters. The two were the only persons from business schools invited to serve on the commission.

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