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There are now scores of web sites devoted to the media industries, media accountability and criticism, ethics, law and other topics. Some are commercial enterprises, hoping to make a profit as they direct their material to media insiders and the interested public. Others are self serving promoters of their own causes and issues. Some of these are especially ideological and bear careful scrutiny. Here, in our opinion, are some of the best, most interesting and most provocative sites that will prove helpful as one encounters debates in and on media.

Jim Romensko’s Media News (found at—a lively daily report on media issues and problems keyed to current news. The best source for other media industry links, professional societies and associations, media pundits and analysts, as well as radio/tv and alternative newsweekly sites.—Fairness and Accuracy in Media, a left leaning watchdog organization, offers a wide range of critical materials and some surprisingly generous links to other less biased sites. site covers news of the book, magazine, films, tv, and other media industries.—A public interest law firm that is especially interested in litigation and regulation affecting the electronic media.—A mother lode of complaints about the media from a conservative perspective. Some critics say this site organized by media critic Reed Irvine likes conspiracy theories about the media.—Project Censored is a longstanding annual compilation of stories deemed important by the project (at California State University, Sonoma) and ignored or under covered by the media. A perspective on the media’s sins of omission.—An online journalism review that takes on the celebrity chasing press corps with some common sense ideas.—Useful professionally oriented journalism material from the Poynter Institute, a media training center, that gives special attention to media ethics. Features material on writing, editing other journalistic skills.—Another conservative media source of media criticism and analysis associated with pundit Brent Bozell, a frequent TV and cable news source.—The Pew Center for Civic Journalism and other Pew foundation media activities and polls are found on this site, which promotes civic/public journalism for a foundation that has been a major funder for it.—Access to the American Journalism Review and its various resources is found here.—This is a good source for issues of genuine censorship worldwide.—Daily Manhattan media news and gossip. is a free daily trade publication for the television industry that launched on April 2, 1997, as a simple internal memo. It is published by 530am ET each weekday morning. WANT MEDIA is a Web site focusing on diversified media news and resources. It provides quick access to media news and industry data, updated throughout the day.

In addition to these sites, nearly every media industry, professional society, magazine and association has a site that has useful material.

Note that web sources are always subject to change and need to be scrutinized carefully to see when they were most recently updated. Virtually all of the major gateways and portals (Google,Yahoo, MSN and others) take you to sites related to media.

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