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Message From The Director

Message from the Director

Located in the heart of the world’s media capital, we at Fordham’s Center for Communications (C4C) are conscious both of the critical controversies and the changing contours of media industries and their people. We are immersed in these matters by dint of location, personal involvement, research and regular contact with media people from those recently employed to those who occupy the boardrooms and executive offices.

At the Center for Communications, so closely connected to Fordham’s distinctive MBA and MS programs in media and entertainment industries, we bump up against the challenges and prospects of these enterprises, which are in the midst of revolutionary changes. And we try to make sense of these developments, examine root causes, barriers and possible solutions.

We do this with the belief that a nexus between the systematic works of scholars—the essence of university concerns—and the thoughtful experience of industry leaders and managers can yield something useful for higher education, business and the public.

At the C4C, which maintains offices at Fordham’s Lincoln Center campus in New York City and organizes its activities there and in other venues, media professionals, university faculty members, students, and those from other institutional and societal interests can benefit from:

• An interchange of ideas;
• New information about media industry development;
• Historical and other matters of institutional memory;
• Current issues and their antecedents; and
• Other matters of concern.

Those who speak at our events, author projects, reports and publications, are, we believe are “people who know what they are talking about,” who base their work on evidence and experience, not mere opinionizers.

That said, we invite you to join us in our endeavors and public forums and especially to let us know your interests, reactions and assessments of our work—and your own.


Everette E. Dennis
Director, Center for Communications

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