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Dr. Paul P. Baard is a full-time member of the faculty of Communications and Media Management at Fordham University’s Graduate School of Business, and a senior fellow at Fordham’s Center for Communications. He consults with many leading corporations. An organizational and motivational psychologist, he specializes in motivation and interpersonal relations, including team-building. Among his courses are Persuasion & Influence (including developing the ability to effectively engage senior management with initiatives) and Motivation & Communication (how to provide a self-motivating work environment).
He has published in leading psychology and business journals. His current research focus is on leadership behaviors and communication and their effects on subordinates’ motivation and performance. Baard won Fordham’s Gladys and Henry Crown Award for excellence in teaching, and has received additional awards for distinguished service to his alma maters. He is also a Trustee Emeritus of the City University of New York.
Baard co-authored a book on leadership and motivation, and his work has appeared in Harvard Business Review and the Harvard Communication Newsletter. He is interviewed often in the media, including the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Investors Daily, The New York Times, Newsweek, and on NBC’s Today Show, CBS, WABC-TV, CNN, Fox TV and other media outlets.   Baard has presented his concept of psychological fusion (how other people can “make us feel”) and its effect on resistance to organizational change at MIT’s Organizational Learning Center, at the invitation of Peter Senge (author of The Fifth Discipline), at the Wharton School of Business, at the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy and at other leading universities. He has been the keynote speaker at numerous corporate functions. 
He serves as sports psychologist for Fordham University and also works with coaches and professional athletes on performance issues. He is currently working with a major professional sports league concerning players’ vulnerability to acting aggressively toward fans’ provocations.
Baard draws from his extensive corporate background, having risen to senior line management in the television division of the A.C. Nielsen Company. CBS highlighted Baard’s concept of psychological fusion in a two-part series on his work on road rage. An appointee of two governors of New York, Baard lives with his wife, Veronica (a consultant and former managing director of an investment banking firm), in Manhasset, Long Island. Their daughter, Samantha, is a University Scholar at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia, and also serves as a fellow at the Army Research Institute in Arlington, conducting psychological research.

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