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Philip Napoli



Dr. Napoli is an Associate Professor of Communications & Media Management in the Fordham University Schools of Business. His research focuses on media institutions and media policy. He is the author of the books Audience Economics: Media Institutions and the Audience Marketplace (Columbia University Press, 2003) and Foundations of Communications Policy: Principles and Process in the Regulation of Electronic Media (Hampton Press, 2001) and the editor of Media Diversity and Localism: Meaning and Metrics (Erlbaum, 2006). His work has been published in academic journals such as Telecommunications Policy, Communication Law & Policy, the Journal of Communication, the Policy Studies Journal, and the Harvard International Journal of Press Politics.

Dr. Napoli's work has been supported by organizations such as the Ford Foundation, the National Association of Broadcasters, the Benton Foundation, and the National Association of Television Programming Executives. He has testified before Congress and the Federal Communications Commission on media policy issues and has been interviewed for a number of media outlets, including the Los Angeles Times, the NBC Nightly News, the Baltimore Sun, the Chicago Tribune, and Rolling Stone. Dr. Napoli previously has held academic appointments at Rutgers University and Boston University.

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