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About Us

The center's values are to:
  • Recognize its responsibility to carry out Fordham University's mission of service in all aspects of its work - research, scholarship, and education.
  • Foster greater awareness of communities' needs, resources, and perspectives.
  • Create partnerships for collaborative work that embodies the expertise and meets the needs of all parties.
  • Work democratically and collaboratively.
  • Participate transparently and through open dialogue.
  • Seek social justice, equity, and social responsibility.
  • Share the research, scholarship, and teaching expertise of Fordham faculty, administrators, and students.
  • Build the center as a national educational resource for innovation in engaged research, scholarship, and policy with University faculty and community partners as teachers.
The center strives to:
  • Develop collaborative projects to promote the health and well-being of our communities through sharing and building resources to address issues identified by community partners.
  • Develop strategies for working together which emphasize equality, democratic, transparent dialogue, and a shared search for social justice.
  • To advance understanding of cultural diversity and individuality as a means to enhance social equity and mutual respect on campus, in communities, and in all campus-community relationships.
  • To promote professional development and teaching that support community-engaged research, service, and scholarship.
  • To participate in and shape regional, national, and global conversations about models of university-community partnerships and campus-community collaborations.
Areas of Focus
The center will focus its research efforts on a wide range of issues, including, but not limited to:
  • Economic justice and poverty
  • Health and well-being
  • Environmental health
  • Children and youth
  • Injury and violence prevention
  • Educational and community-based programs
  • Physical activity and nutrition
  • Built environment

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