Fordham University            The Jesuit University of New York


Tiffany Edwards, Director
Audra Olazabal, Graduate Research Assistant
Steering Committee
Ann Higgins-D'Alessandro, Chair
Joshua Brown
Amy Tuininga
Maureen O'Connell
Micki McGee
Monica Rivera-Mindt
Oneka LaBennett
Rosemary Wakeman
Sandra Lobo-Jost
Steven D'Agustino
Bradford Hinze
Kathleen Schiaffino
Sophie Mitra
Glenn Hendler
Nancy Busch
Damian Lyons
Jeannine Hill-Fletcher
Community Partners
Families United for Social and Educational Development (FUSED)
Claremont Housing Healthy Village Partnership (CHHVP)
Friends of Brook Park
The Mary Mitchell Family and Youth Center - Heidi Hynes, Director
Bronx Lebanon Hospital, Department of Family Medicine - Douglas Reich M.D., Chair
International Partners
University of Pretoria, Department of Educational Psychology - Ronél Ferreira, Chair
University Partners
Rachel Annunziato
David Marcotte

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