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Helen and Norman Burg Ethics Prize

Helen and Norman Burg Student Ethics Prize


Helen and Norman Burg
Helen and Norman Burg

The Fordham University Center for Ethics Education awards the annual Helen and Norman Burg Ethics Prize to the best graduate student paper on an ethics-related topic produced within the previous 12 months. All Fordham students are eligible.
The winning essay will be posted on the Center for Ethics Education’s web site and listed in other Fordham outlets, such as the graduate commencement materials. In addition, notice of the award will be placed in the academic files of the winning students.
Winners will receive a certificate of commendation, a $100 award, and recognition at the GSAS Awards (if applicable).

Eligibility and process for submission:
  • Students should submit their papers in a format appropriate for publication in a journal in their field.
  • Submitted papers must be nominated by the Fordham faculty member who supervised the paper or taught the class for which the paper was developed.  A faculty member may nominate up to two papers, indicating the noteworthy qualities of the paper(s).
  • Papers must include a one-paragraph abstract (200 words) describing the purpose and significant conclusions.Submit one file, containing both the abstract and the essay, as an email attachment to:
Submissions for the 2014 prizes must be received no later than July 14, 2014. Winners will be announced during the third week of July. Students are encouraged to e-mail questions to Adam Fried (, Assistant Director, Center for Ethics Education.

Current Awardees

The Center for Ethics Education is proud to announce the winners of the 2012 Helen and Norman Burg Ethics Prize

Graduate Winner:  Christopher Rice (philosophy) for his paper "The Value of Relationships with Other Species".  This award was presented at the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Award Ceremony in May, 2012.
Undergraduate Winner:  Sara Shahmiri (FCRH '13) for her paper "Theological and Economic Approaches to the Living Wage

Previous Awardees

Graduate winner: Scott O'Leary (philosophy), for "Appropriate Passion In Deliberative Democracy: Reflections on the health care debate"

Undergraduate winner: Daniel Carter (FCRH), for a theology paper entitled "Varying Interpretations of Jihad and Modern Islam"

Daniel Carter with Dr. Adam Fried, Assistant Director, Center for Ethics Education


Graduate winner:
Monica Schaap Pierce (theology), for “From Brokenness to Planetary Wholeness: Emerging Themes in Ecofeminist Interreligious Dialogue

Undergraduate winner: Christina Scelfo (FCRH), for an English paper entitled “Dancing with Disability
Graduate winner: Catherine Osborne (theology): "Migrant Domestic Workers: Between the Private and the Public in Catholic Social Teaching"

Undergraduate winner: Adam Danko (FCRH): "A Call for Reform: Donor Rights and Regulations."


Undergraduate winner: Priscilla Escobedo (FCRH), for a theology paper entitled "Medical Care: Civility, Society and the Prison System”

Graduate winner: Katherine A. Helm (law), for "Outsourcing the Fire of Genius: The Effects of Patent Infringement Jurisprudence on Pharmeceutical Drug Development"

Undergraduate winner: Marian Egan (FCRH), for a theology paper entitled "Ethics in Medical Research in Third World Countries"
Graduate winner: Eric Miller (law), for "Listening to the Disabled: End-of-Life Decision Making and the Never Competent"

Graduate winner: Mary Veeneman (theology), for "Fostering A Sense of Autonomy in Adolescents in the Mental Health Care Context"

Undergraduate winner: Megan Minturn (FCLC), for a philosophy paper entitled "Dissolving the Bias: The Misallocation of Research and Development Monies"

 FCRH = Fordham College Rose Hill; FCLC = Fordham College Lincoln Center

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