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Spring 2015 Course Spotlight

Conservation Law and Policy

Instructor: J. Alan Clark

This course provides an introduction to the practice of both law and policy analysis, with a focus on issues associated with the conservation of biodiversity. The course is divided into two parts. Part I focuses on law, and students will learn the basics of legal research, legal reasoning, and legal analysis. Part II focuses on policy analysis, and students will learn the basics of the policy process and basis of policy analysis. After closely examining the historical context of conservation law and policy in the U.S, this course will examine a wide range of laws, policies, regulations, treaties, and institutions designed to address local, national, and global conservation problems. Topics to be covered include protection of biodiversity, regulatory approaches to pollution, natural resource management, and international conservation law. In addition to substantial background readings, students will submit two research papers: an analysis of a conservation-related law and a policy analysis of a conservation issue. Students will select their own law and conservation issue in consultation with the instructor.

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J. Alan Clark
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Associate Professor
Biological Sciences
Fordham College at Rose Hill
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