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Ethics and Society: Core Course


Ethics and Society: Cross-Disciplinary Perspectives

CEED 5050 (3 Credits)


Course Description:

This introductory course will present methods of ethical inquiry from different disciplines and will demonstrate how these disciplines interactively and independently apply these methods to issues of contemporary social import. Relevant moral and ethical frameworks will be introduced, along with background on issues of current social importance. Most weeks will feature a guest lecture by either a Fordham faculty member or an outside speaker and class readings will include writings relevant to social ethical issues from multiple perspectives, including economics, philosophy, theology, psychology, sociology/anthropology, healthcare and allied professions, environmental studies, business, and criminal justice.  The intent of this course is to provide students with an introduction to the knowledge and critical thinking skills that will enable them to identify and understand the ethical decisions that affect the welfare of individuals and society and the integrity of their professions. 

Download the course syllabus here.

The course is organized in three sessions:

  1. Introduction to moral and ethical theory
  2. Ethical methodology in various disciplines
  3. Applications of ethics to issues of contemporary social import


The course will be led by master's director Adam Fried, associate professor of philosophy Michael Baur and associate professor of theology Barbara Andolsen.  There will be frequent guest lecturers by Fordham faculty from a number of diverse disciplines, including:

  • Philosophy
  • Theology
  • Sociology
  • Bioethics
  • Business
  • Law
  • Psychology


Enrollment is limited to graduate students at Fordham University.  Students from various departments and disciplines are encouraged to enroll.  The call number for this course is: 14142

Undergraduates.  By special permission only.  Please contact Adam Fried for more information.

New students
: Students who are not currently matriculated in a Fordham graduate program must fill out a non-matriculated student form and submit to:

Adam Fried, Ph.D.
Assistant Director, Center for Ethics Education
441 East Fordham Road, Room 226
Bronx, NY 10458

Questions about the course should be directed to Dr. Adam Fried (; 718-817-0128).


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