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Families and Work Institute
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About Families and Work Institute

Families and Work Institute is a leading nonprofit research organization based in New York City specializing in generating data (including research design, collection, and analysis), developing reports and recommendations, and disseminating findings that inform policy and law related to workplace, family and community. Widely cited in the mdeia, Families and Work Institute's influential research focuses on four broad themes: The Changing Workforce/Workplace, Early Childhood, Supporting Work Project, and Youth.

Current and recent projects include

National Study of the Changing Workforce
Mind in the Making
School-based Health Care Project
Ask the Children: Youth and Engagement LEarning
Ask the Children: Youth and Violence
9/11 as History

Please visit for more information about current projects.

Practicum Experience

The practicum course has 3 components: Field experience, weekly or biweekly class meetings, and an independent practicum project.

Field Experience

Students will spend one day per week (approximately five hours) at the Families and Work Institute office in midtown Manhattan. Students will be assigned a specific project or area to research or assist related to ethics, justice, or care for vulnerable populations, supervised by a Families and Work Institute staff member. These may include investigating new areas of potential study, assisting on tasks related to current projects, or completing adjunct projects to current areas of study. 

Class Meetings

Students are also expected to attend Ethics & Society Practicum class meetings held at the Rose Hill campus to discuss assigned readings, their practicum experiences and plan their independent project (see below).

Independent Practicum Project

In consultation with the professor of the Ethics and Society Practicum class and Families and Work Institute, students will select a relevant ethical question or issue to research (using resources both at Fordham and Families and Work Institute). This project should be associated with their practicum experiences and complimentary to their interests, coursework and/or professional background/goals. Students will present their projects at an end of the semester seminar with staff and students at either Fordham University or Families and Work Institute.

Student Requirements

1. Attend practicum site one day per week (approximately five hours) for one semester
2. Attend weekly or biweekly practicum class meetings at Fordham University
3. Completion of the practicum project
4. Prior to beginning their on-site projects students will be provided information on Families and Work's institutional rules and regulations. Students are expected to comply with rules and regulations relevant to their activities at Families and Work Institute. 

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