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Ethics Field Practicum Experience

CEED 5900

Practicum Site: Fordham University Institutional Review Board (IRB)

About the Fordham IRB
The IRB at Fordham University works cooperatively with researchers in the Fordham community to assure that standards are met for the conduct of research with human subjects.  We work with investigators to modify projects so that adequate protection is ensured for its subjects' welfare and right of self-determination.

Visit the IRB website for more information about this office.  Visit the Center's IRB Resource page for more information about IRBs

Practicum Experience:
The practicum course has 3 components: field experience, weekly meetings of the practicum students, and an independent project. To maximize exposure to a breadth of ethics-relevant research review experiences, over the course of one semester, field practicum students will spend one day per week (approximately five hours) at the IRB, working in the office, completing research reports, and observing IRB meetings. Students are also expected to attend weekly Ethics & Society Practicum class meetings held at the Rose Hill campus to discuss assigned readings, their practicum experiences and plan their independent practicum project. This project should be associated with their practicum experiences and complementary to their interests and course and professional background. When appropriate, students may spend additional time at the IRB completing their practicum project. Students interested in this practicum experience must meet   with the director of the Ethics and Society master's program to discuss the appropriateness of the practicum for the student.  An interview with the director of the IRB office is also required. 

Practicum Project: Students will be provided with a one-month exposure to the IRB office to orient them to the specific topics and relevant issues. Students will then choose a relevant ethical question or issue to research (using resources at Fordham and elsewhere). Students will present their projects at an end-of-semester seminar with staff and students..

Student Requirements:
  1. Attend practicum site one day per week (approximately five hours) for one semester
  2. Attend weekly practicum class meetings at Fordham University
  3. Meet with Dr. Doyle McCarthy (director of the Fordham IRB) on a regular basis to discuss the practicum experience and office-related issues.
  4. Completion of the practicum project

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